domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013


Podréis encontrar multitud de enlaces a diversas actividades para trabajar Science en el 3º Ciclo de Primaria.

Unit 1: Living Things
Web Activities
Actividades Jclic
Living thingsAnimals of the world 
The CellExplore a 3D cell 
Replace the cells game
Build and organ with cells
Label the plant cell
label the animal cell
watch a 3D animation illustrating the inner life of a cell
The organization of living thingsput the human systems in its correct place 
Explore 4 types of tissues
watch a video and test yourself
The 5 kingdomsPlay a matching game 
watch a video and test yourself
Some information about the 5 kingdoms
Microorganism game

Unit 8: The Landscape
Web Activities
Actividades Jclic
General features of landscapestake a quiz about rivers and glaciers 
Matching exercise
Word search
Spanish LandscapePowerpoint to learn about the Spanish landscape 
Coasts of Spain
Spanish archipelagos
Coasts of Spain
Unit 10: Population
Web Activities
Actividades Jclic
Population Population distribution and density test 
Changes and structure test
What's migration?
World Clock

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